Senshin Karate Association (SKA) brings the Art of Karate in reach of everyone, regardless of age, sex or fitness levels. The SKA was founded in 1995 by Ex International Peter Dennis 8th Dan in Bristol, South West England, and has since become one of the area’s most popular martial arts organisations.

Classes are disciplined as expected for a martial art, whilst maintaining an aspect of fun, allowing the whole family to participate, learn and develop at their own speed.

We start children from as young as 5 years of age, whereas our older students are well into their sixties.

We believe that people of all walks of life can enjoy the many benefits that karate training offers. Karate is not just a great form of self defence, but also provides all students with the opportunity to improve their character and develop inner confidence, Karate training allows you to improve your fitness while learning something really essential for your physical safety at the same time.

Welcome to the official SKA website. We hope you find it both informative and inspirational.